• Aluminium Louvered Pergola
  • Aluminium Louvered Pergola

Aluminium Screen

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  • Aluminium Louvered Pergola

Product Overview
Product name
Aluminium Screen

NT-100 Series Zip Screen

This model offers a contemporary outdoor shading systems to fit various house appliances while maintaining a consistent aesthetic and finishing for your interiors 
NT-100 Electric Zip Screen

The width can reach 4 meters, suitable

for hotels, private houses, offices and

other indoor places.

NT-100 Spring Zip Screen

Width is up to 4 meters, suitable for

small interiors with no power supply.

NT-100 Bead-String Zip Screen

Width up to 2.5 meters, suitable for

small windows, high heights, and places

without a power supply

NT-100 Rod Rotate Zip Screen

Width up to 4 meters, suitable for

small and medium-sized, indoor places

without power supply.

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